Using the latest
technology and innovative
production methods

With years of experience and a team of knowledgeable professionals, we have established a reputation for producing gloves that are both durable and reliable. Our commitment to using the latest technology and innovative production methods ensures that our nitrile gloves meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Whether you need gloves for medical, industrial, or household use, we have the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Meet the founders

Michael Kastrupsen

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Kastrupsen is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of Eastwest Medico, Michael is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions in the retail and healthcare sectors. With expertise in technology, biotech, and marketing, he brings a holistic approach to his ventures.

Knud Lauritzen

Quality Manager

Knud Lauritzen has spent the last 25 years working for the World Bank, where he has been part of several developing project in mainly south east Asia. Knud is an expert in quality assurance, and is responsible for our quality management systems.

Niels Kristian Bitsch

Executive Vice President

Niels is a skilled entrepreneur with a strong background in finance and accounting, holding a Master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School, he possesses a deep understanding of financial analysis, risk assessment, and entrepreneurial strategies.

We specialise in sourcing of medical products throughout Europe and North America for governments and professional health organisations.

Bryan Byrne

Director, Founder and Owner
16 Saint Vincents Park, Temple Hill,
County Dublin,
Republic of Ireland
Phone: +353 (87) 258 0265

Jorgen Jorgensen

Director, Founder and Owner
Frugthegnet 74
2830 Virum,
Scandinavia and the Nordic Region
Phone: +45 21428302

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